Principle of operation of the installation

Principle of operation of the installation

The installation is intended for filtration of water, containing very fine insoluble impurities. In the filter of this installation water passes through a thin filter medium layer inflicted on the filter cartridges surface.

The circuit of the Installation is on Fig.

Принципиальная схема (англ.jpg

Preparing of the filter to operation is hydraulic deposition of the filter medium on the filter cartridges surface. It begins with filling of the filter 1 case and tank 2 with water. Necessary volume of concentrated filter medium suspension is poured into tank 2, after than it is fed into the filter by pump H2. During 12-15 minutes the water with suspension is circulating around the closed path: filter 1 – tank 2. Suspension particles are lodging on the filter cartridges, forming a uniform filtering layer with thickness about 2 mm. When the filter layer is ready, the pump is switched off and initial water is fed into the filter for filtration.

Accumulation of retained impurities is doing during the operation. Filter medium area is gradually increasing, as far as the retained particles are forming the filter medium layer. It improves quality of cleaning (efficiency of impurities retaining).

Compaction of retained impurities increases the hydraulic resistance of the filter and reduces the filter capacity. When the capacity reduction achieves to the level established by Customer 's production schedules, it is a signal about necessity of the filter medium regeneration.

After the operation cycle is ended, the filter medium with the retained impurities is thrown off the cartridges surface and emptied into the water disposal system or into a settling tank. Then a new filter medium layer is inflicted on.

Filtration cycle duration depends on the filter layer surface area, volume of the water passed through the filter, and on the impurities concentration in this water.

Filtration quality does not depend on the water head increase and on the impurities concentration, as far as the pores formed by filter medium particles do not pass the particles of impurities which have more size.

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